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Yahoo Groups Links – worth a look

Yahoo! Groups is a collection of online discussion boards where members can read and post messages. Most groups are formed around a specific topic, organization, passion, etc. with topics of discussion centered on that group topic. Messages can be posted by sending an email to the group or by posting on the Yahoo! Group web page. Likewise, messages may be emailed to members of the group as individual messages, daily digest or read online. Groups may also be an announcement group only where the moderators will send out information to members.

Groups may require a group moderator to approve membership and additional information may be required. Once membership is approved messages are usually monitored until the member has proven he or she is not there to SPAM the group. One very popular and useful tools in Yahoo! Groups are the files. Files may be shared by members or moderators and are stored in the “files” section of the Group. Although limited, photos may also be shared in groups.

I’ll post from time to time groups that may be of interest to REACT members. Today’s list:

PG County REACT – A discussion group for PG County REACT. Contains files of interest to PG REACT and other REACT teams.  – subscribe by sending an email to:

REACT – Training – This is a discussion group started by the chair REACT International Training Committee. The purpose is to discuss training opportunities for REACT Teams and individuals. This is more on a national REACT level. Subscribe by sending an email to:

EmComm – Discussions on EmComm may relate to anything having to do with Emergency Communications. Procedures, policy, technology, radios, emergency power, antennas, organizations, etc.
Subscribe by sending an email to:

REACTCommunications – This is a general discussion group for REACT members. You will find most, if not all, of the REACT International Officers and Directors. Topic here vary greatly but are generally useful. There is the occasional flaming.

REACTINTL – REACT International – This, I suppose, is the “official” group for REACT International. It often has the same messages as REACT Communications and the REACT International List Serve messages.

There are numerous other groups that are of interest to REACT members including technology groups, and groups for CERT, Skywarn, amateur, GMRS, MURS and CB.

I’ll will post information on 5 Yahoo Groups each week during the month of December. Until next week … 73.